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Here to help!

As you will be aware, the latest measures from the government have placed severe restrictions on our movement, alongside the challenges created by a minority of society panic buying food and other goods.

These are challenging times for everyone and, in particular, residents over 70 years old and those with existing conditions who have been advised to isolate from the community for a period of at least 12 weeks.

A group of volunteers is being organised who are happy to help everyone in the village, especially the most vulnerable, during this unprecedented situation. This leaflet has some initial details for you.

Please do not feel isolated or that you shouldn’t ask for help. We’re all here for each other during this time.

Your contact details will only be shared with your co-ordinators and volunteers – we won’t keep records or publicise your details. This service is completely free of charge and is run by volunteers. The only costs will be for any purchases made on your behalf. There is no charge for using the service

What support are we hoping to provide?

We’re aiming to provide, where possible under the new government regulations, help with the following:

• grocery shopping/deliveries

• prescription pick ups

• essential Post Office deliveries

We will also keep you up to date about local
businesses who are offering useful services such as deliveries of food, groceries and so on.

As you will appreciate, we’re at the very start of this and the support will evolve over the next few weeks – we will try and keep everyone informed of what is happening. Any ideas of what you would find useful
are very welcome!

There are, obviously, things we cannot help with including medical advice or assistance.

There are currently around 50 volunteers so we hope to be able to help with as much as possible.

Village Zones and Co-ordinators

The village has been divided into seven zones with each zone having three co-ordinators organising support. The map below shows the zones

Dumbleton Zones.png

There are three co-ordinators per zone and each one is from a separate house – the aim is to ensure if one or two have to self isolate, it won’t affect the support we can offer.

Click here to find your local co-ordinator.

Staying safe at all times

We have measures in place to ensure the safety of everyone – residents and volunteers. These are based on the current medical advice from the NHS and the government and, when necessary, will be updated to follow the latest advice.

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Safeguarding advice for adults self-isolating

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